Sunday, June 24, 2012

Duel with the Father of Invention

My author bio was recently published in the Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association’s newsletter, The Authority. The accounting of my varied creative endeavors called to mind Leonardo da Vinci, my inspiration. Since I enjoy a fun experiment every now and then, I matched my experience with the Renaissance man himself.
Leo's Study of a Horse

·      Dissected cadaver (mine was at University)

·      Illustrated body parts
·      Rode horses 
·      Drew, painted and sculpted horses
·      Enjoyed science
·      Wrote compulsively
·      Appreciated architecture
·      Performed music for a live audience

We share all of the above - never in the same place - until now.  Join me on a journey into an alternate world where Leo and I debate ideas before their time. In this creative framework, the father of invention beats me with his skilled execution and self-righteous pomp on Mother’s Day.

“You’ll never be the mother of a teenager!” I shriek, stabbing my finger at his chest.

He looks down his long nose with a Medusa stare and strokes his beard. Then, with a flip of his robes, he storms from the room mumbling something about a simpler girl named Lisa.

Father’s Day approaches and I’m still gloating over winning the debate when he strides in and bellows, “Reincarnation, you witch!”

If he’s right, I hope I remember where Lisa lived. I may still owe her a drink. 

Leo's Mona Lisa  (

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